GUbN9Iarg1tfmWZBnDd0MejTWQHMpjYat7gQX7pEkf3IEGhW/GkEWT04GpgZNmd1XGJp9DFFNeA2 ENDg6SJ11jzUR5iZOhXCIQYvW8iiu2267c7c4vBAa4glrhuLZMhswNB8tRPi5vSpBjnjo2ED/rKQ lUdVyTXYCWzuB0Mf6TyQUm/5r5X/AJa5H4/+lElK/wCa+V/5a5H4/wDpRJSv+a+V/wCWuR+P/pRJ The largest agricultural market for chlorpyrifos in terms of total pounds of active ingredient is corn. Organizations such as PANNA and the NRDC state that chlorpyrifos meets the four criteria (persistence, bioaccumulation, long-range transport, and toxicity) in Annex D of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and should be restricted. It would almost certainly further increase pyrethroid use. (Nursery), – Entomologist, Tennessee State University Nursery Research Center. AE34v/nmtJTrJKQ5VLsjHfS0gb4BkSNs+4EeYTZgmJCYmi5eTj24mJlWY7C57K7HOnc6bdheCN4E Chlorpyrifos is found in agricultural products, which are fed to livestock, food crops, and in the tags placed in the ears of cattle. A severe borer infestation can result in outright tree mortality, especially in young trees… The primary means for borer control in cherry is chlorpyrifos… Growers use borer insecticide sprays in conjunction with orchard monitoring techniques that utilize pheromone-based traps… [B]ased on chemical trials…we can safely say that [chlorpyrifos] is currently the only registered insecticide that provides reliable control of the borer complex… Without chlorpyrifos, the Michigan cherry industry would suffer tremendous losses in production, yield and orchard acreage.” – Dr. Nikki Rothwell, Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Station. 300.00 The only lega… hrKj+RySkn7P67/5V9P/AO26/wDySSlfs/rv/lX0/wD7br/8kkpX7P67/wCVfT/+26//ACSSlfs/ rX79tXDo26c90BnBlV6rji5gR4ta82H7Ap9H7R9gr9Pbvn0m/RH50RO3zR90XVreDPw3rS7Pq9VZ GVNDGjmA0QElM0lOV9ZBWzpORkuJaa2dtJkgQfvVbmcQlG+yngMp2Xl5rKsXey3ZVtsIBZtLeHN9 Inches KfvZ/wClklK+0/XT/uJT97P/AEskpX2n66f9xKfvZ/6WSUr7T9dP+4lP3s/9LJKV9p+un/cSn72f Q8OLT0ugODPpEegydvmkp537L0X/ALj9S+6v/wAgipX2Xov/AHH6l91f/kElK+y9F/7j9S+6v/yC These infestations are potentially very damaging in terms of sticky cotton. Copyright © 2020 Corteva. (Nursery), “I have two major concerns about the impact of a chlorpyrifos ban on the U.S. nursery industry. What are some products that contain chlorpyrifos? AMYDAREAAhEBAxEB/8QBQgAAAQUBAQEBAQEAAAAAAAAAAwABAgQFBgcICQoLAQABBQEBAQEBAQAA APmy6h/23/6lRUr7f/5suof9t/8AqVJSvt//AJsuof8Abf8A6lSUr7f/AObLqH/bf/qVJSvt/wD5 Residential Use of Chlorpyrifos. (Cotton), – Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission. C/8AThZ/7Y56SnLpyMbE/wAX/ScjKqfeyvCwSGV2Opdu2VbXNsrIcIKfjhxypZknwRunL/5w4v8A Chlorpyrifos is one of the last remaining organophosphate insecticides still used in the production of many field crops. yfcyvPqaDLnD1S0E7dx8Ph8UTIdlohL95aujNZTZiszRXSQd9XqODHRJ4Gh4QJF3ShCQFcTnJxYF aP8AF5UHtOTmuez89ldYaeOznPf3/kojEuHKDqXUxvqX0HH1dU+89ja8n8GbB+CIxxZI8vjHRfrO (Soybeans), – Maine Vegetable and Small Fruit Growers Association. There are 15 products currently registered that contain chlorpyrifos as an active ingredient. ‘Out of 1,500 acres planted,’ [he wrote], 'I lost 215.3 acres to bulb mite or soil maggots — I can’t stay in business with losses like that.’ Replanting the lost acres cost this grower an additional $60,929.00… Less effective substitutes for chlorpyrifos would result in an increase in overall pesticide use. It is essential that we keep [chlorpyrifos] in this rotation program.” – Washington State Hay Growers Association. First, chlorpyrifos is relied on heavily by the nursery industry for management of wood-boring insects. In Maine, the [principal or [sic]] agricultural uses of chlorpyrifos are in field corn, sweet corn, broccoli, cabbage and other cole crops, and strawberries. Ny725l7R1ttIFrwKtrzshx9ujeyKkP2zI/8AL5v+Y/8A8gkpX2zI/wDL5v8AmP8A/IJKV9syP/L5 7mT938Vf84MP/uHnf+5PJ/8ASqFBPuZP3fxV/wA4MP8A7h53/uTyf/SqVK9zJ+7+Kv8AnBh/9w87 xTHRp+RQWbMvUs/fd95QssnvT7q9Sz9933lCyj3p91/Us/fd95Q4ir3p91vUs/fd95Q4in3p91/U W1vZte8seGj2s14HkNQFHE3Km1mPDjt9CoxH34lTstjG3urrfY1zQ5rbxFm7bxLbBu+KeMfrtocW pX/OLqH/AJT5X3O/9JpKV/zi6h/5T5X3O/8ASaSlf84uof8AlPlfc7/0mkpX/OLqH/lPlfc7/wBJ Chlorpyrifos effectively controls two very significant pests in soybean production — spidermites and soybean aphids. bKQjukC3Ex6+tmrGty7mZmWyykXUhg2NbbdiG0yHbS6oMeQQPyaxjIDOlxiRFv8AWP2N1rp+V0vL Chlorpyrifos insecticides were introduced by Dow Chemical in 1965 and have been used widely in agricultural settings. P/8AIJKV9syP/L5v+Y//AMgkpX2zI/8AL5v+Y/8A8gkp3Os/8o9C/wDThZ/7Y56ClfVP/wASvRv/ 76hdPyentxsW9+PlMsda3LcPVJLjLg+slrSD5Rrr4y0wBDNj5icDol+rf1Mx+hXuz8nIOdmmWsu2 Homeowners … proof:pdf 72.00 8rG/54/8kkpX7T+sv/lY3/PH/kklOtjWZFmKyzIr9K5wl9YM7T4JKWtrc4l5IbGg/vRBWSFoXPeR The registrants of chlorpyrifos-methyl have requested voluntary cancellation of their products rather than committing to develop additional data. Chlorpyrifos continues to provide a significant benefit in managing these pests.” – California Grape and Tree Fruit League. When EPA has asked for public comments on chlorpyrifos, growers and grower organizations have responded with information to help the Agency understand how it is used and its importance for growing various crops. suof9t/+pUlK+3/+bLqH/bf/AKlSUr7f/wCbLqH/AG3/AOpUlK+3/wDmy6h/23/6lSUr7f8A+bLq 9T/9Jlfh/wCRSU7FH1o6LQ0gPsLnEuc4sJJJ/rOcUSbQBST/AJ39G/es/wAwptJV/wA7+jfvWf5h f88f+TSUr7d9Zf38H/PH/k0lK+3fWX9/B/zx/wCTSUx+1/WPdvnA3RG7cJjwncihl9u+sv7+D/nj u/8AlX0//tuv/wAkkp1Os/8AKPQv/ThZ/wC2OegpX1T/APEr0b/034v/AJ5rSU6ySlJKUkpSSnl8 (Radishes), “Tart and sweet cherries are important crops in Michigan. ALk8n/0qlwjur3Mn7v4r/wDODD/7h53/ALk8n/0qhwjur3Mn7v4q/wCcGH/3Dzv/AHJ5P/pVKh3V All rights reserved. The only exception being a protected brassica seedling drench treatment applied via automated gantry sprayer. (Pecans). Click on the map below to read excerpts from growers, grower organizations and university specialists in your region who have responded to one of EPA’s requests for input by explaining why they considered chlorpyrifos essential for protecting crops. ANKocZV7EfH7VfZv8Wv/AJZYX/sez/0qlxlXsx8ftV9m/wAWv/llhf8Asez/ANKpcRV7MfH7V/s3 R6F/6cLP/bHPSUi+rmVi4X1Q6PfmXV49QwMQGy1wY0E1VgDc4gapKbf/ADh6B/5Z4f8A7EV/+TSU VXexldjWw5lQhgP8kBAqcv6yY9VlIeyfWZ7y0FwaQNAXRPcAKhzggDp837F0Tq87a5zN7m/o62xI Since 2016, France has allows an exception for spinach. Chlorpyrifos - Changes to Authorised Uses. 0Nf+aP7klK+yYv8Aoa/80f3JKV9kxf8AQ1/5o/uSUr7Ji/6Gv/NH9ySlfZMX/Q1/5o/uSUr7Ji/6 application/pdf avTbGwM+jtDCQPZx9y0sGTJIahYQ1es/8o9C/wDThZ/7Y56soY/Vetl31R6TVYJbZ03Ga4eRpYCk AJsJmPp6fSd2A8tVVBB2ZLoWXKfk1WPIp2l8MJBjZtcRO8EDQEwfPxUgiRutu2rmD7LaC5pbVRW2 v81//pVJSvtmN/5dZ3+a/wD9KpKV9sxv/LrO/wA1/wD6VSUr7Zjf+XWd/mv/APSqSlfbMb/y6zv8 Wq2cRGgBYp55SlqqTSlSaVLphUpNKV00qUmlTbOP+0ult6bjub632pttlLnNYba9haAC4tmHdlUy uuid:18E616E437B511DDB2ACBEDFCAE69A9D A7YkTLXEdgUpkdGWOOoGurebbh5TR9of6WwFtbRElgkl7m7e50jRMMZR2YBMxaePl5OO65zCfTHt 2. r7/Xcd+lrU4zMvpVF3WqKm10Y7hRmeq0PYGhzxW6vcdxJcBEApxPDP0n6LYx44eoadDbj5Vo9LDu 5NJSv+cPQP8Ayzw//Yiv/wAmkpX/ADh6B/5Z4f8A7EV/+TSUr/nD0D/yzw//AGIr/wDJpKV/zh6B Approximately 39,000 wine grape acres were treated in 2005, as published by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. • There is evidence chlorpyrifos may also affect birds consuming product granules, insects contaminated with the chemical or soil and water treated with chlorpyrifos. uuid:020B77A7B589DD11974DAD4478B9E3F5 ReferenceStream /nu/vSUr/mn0T/Qu/wA9396Slf8ANPon+hd/nu/vSUr/AJp9E/0Lv89396Slf80+if6F3+e7+9JS (Wheat, Sugarbeets), “Chlorpyrifos is an important tool for managing many insect pests of the major field crops grown in North Dakota…”, “Chlorpyrifos has…been important to growers of North Dakota because it is the only insecticide that can effectively kill some of the insect pests. endstream endobj 3 0 obj <> endobj 5 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 6 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 7 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 8 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 35 0 obj <>stream r/nD0D/yzw//AGIr/wDJpKV/zh6B/wCWeH/7EV/+TSUr/nD0D/yzw/8A2Ir/APJpKV/zh6B/5Z4f (Onions), “On wheat, chlorpyrifos at low rates provides a reasonable control method for an outbreak of Russian wheat aphid. l3/WnGJ7/BRTuRbeQA4zXm6lDr8p+Bl3OaG4nVMtr3PIbDA7PwqQOJl1jGgIQoZGkdno1OtUkp5P (Broccoli), – North Dakota grower. Chlorpyrifos . 5j//ACCSlfbMj/y+b/mP/wDIJKV9syP/AC+b/mP/APIJKV9syP8Ay+b/AJj/APyCSlfbMj/y+b/m jOy24FXosaXl5rYPaOXCeQO8IHMAatUceeUeIXTnZOD09tuKW49Ia60h0MbBHpWnXTxCkBOq2OSd pUpb7Thzu9WufHc3+/yQoKX+14v+mr/zh/eipX2vF/01f+cP70lK+14v+mr/AM4f3pKV9rxf9NX/ iEFJXVv5MDvKNrCCxFVk7Z/uSsI4S1RZVYwZNtL2uJ2w6v1XjY9oAPpeoBDiCBPn2KVhdReX6r1H ANzel/51X/kElK9Xqf8A3N6X/nVf+QSUr1ep/wDc3pf+dV/5BJSvV6n/ANzel/51X/kElK9Xqf8A These data include acute, subchronic, developmental neurotoxicity studies, and toxicology data base. Gv8AzR/ckpX2TF/0Nf8Amj+5JSvsmL/oa/8ANH9ySlfZMX/Q1/5o/uSUr7Ji/wChr/zR/ckpX2TF cmn/ALcb/ekpX7Q6f/3Jp/7cb/ekpX7Q6f8A9yaf+3G/3pKV+0On/wDcmn/txv8AekpX7Q6f/wBy ThZ/7Y56Kkf1dO36mdMdv9KOmY59SJ2xQz3QPBJTj/bz/wDPA7/tiz/yKKlfbz/88Dv+2LP/ACKS AQBIAAAAAQAB/+4AE0Fkb2JlAGQAAAAAAQUAAgjo/9sAhAAMCAgICAgMCAgMEAsLCxAUDg0NDhQY However you may find them in some products. 1/8A6VSUr7Zjf+XWd/mv/wDSqSlfbMb/AMus7/Nf/wClUlK+2Y3/AJdZ3+a//wBKpKV9sxv/AC6z /wCkklK+z0/+UGV/25b/AOkklK+z0/8AlBlf9uW/+kklK+z0/wDlBlf9uW/+kklK+z0/+UGV/wBu Permanent Chlorpyrifos Rule December 15, 2020 RULE TITLE: Limitations on Pesticide Products Containing Chlorpyrifos (1) On and after January 1, 2021, all products that contain any amount of chlorpyrifos (“chlorpyrifos-containing products”) are classified as restricted-use pesticides. 3A2vIt3PG+XH3aO7pykP2PI/8oW/57//ACaSlfY8j/yhb/nv/wDJpKV9jyP/AChb/nv/APJpKV9j 3. Generic products will remain available for farmers to use. j3dSwc3Dwqw7It6d07bS1w0i29xG5xHA8VXieCYMv3pNmQ44ER/di5uRjG/pv7HJaMnGym2ZNG5o NOTE: complete ingredients do NOT have to be labeled by law. Chlorpyrifos 25 Gibberellins 25 Oxyfluorfen 15 If a product contains more than one active ingredient, the primary active ingredient is the one present at the highest percentage in a product. SzzSlEDoshhjEk9W9/zy6R+7d/mj/wAko6ZFf88ukfu3f5o/8klSlf8APLpH7t3+aP8AySVKV/zy Products of these companies are distributed by a number of retail companies. chlorpyrifos (organophosphate) 480 g/l chlorpyrifos (organofosfaat) ... Any insect population may contain individuals naturally resistant to nd other group code 1B insecticides. Chlorpyrifos (sometimes referred to as chlorpyrifos-ethyl) and chlorpyrifos-methyl are insecticides used to control insect pests on a range of crops. While its use has greatly declined over the years with the introduction of newer chemicals and the development of transgenic crops to control lepidopterous insects and the corn rootworm, there remain several pests such as the Russian wheat aphid, pea aphid and soybean aphid where chlorpyrifos is still a very important management option.” – Phil Sloderbeck, Southwest Research and Extension Center. ADx/5NJSvt31l/fwf88f+TSUr7d9Zf38H/PH/k0lK+3fWX9/B/zx/wCTSUr7d9Zf38H/ADx/5NJS OO1rgSACQDrBkfwUq15fMs6iMy8MzOnMaLH7W2GreBuMB0tmfFFSH1ep/wDc3pf+dV/5BJSvV6n/ If I lose that chemical, it will be very expensive to replace it, if I can. The most widely used products containing Chlorpyrifos are: Dursban® or Lorsban® – a commonly-used termiticide (Dursban® Ortho-Klor (12.6% chlorpyrifos or Dursban® TC (42.8 % chlorpyrifos). If anything, we would like to see the label of chlorpyrifos expanded to include green onions.” – Ohio Grower. EN+f3KHLzUY6DVnxcpKWstHtemdD6X0iTg0Bj3N2usJLnkf1nTz5KlPLKe5bkMUYbBvpi9SSlJKU What It Is: An insecticide that was originally developed as a nerve gas in Nazi Germany (really) and is widely used on grain, fruit, nut, and … 256 (Cherries), “Chlorpyrifos is an extremely important insecticide for soybean production in Minnesota, as well as most of the upper Midwest. “Chlorpyrifos is a major insecticide for quarantine control of Japanese beetle and imported fire ants in the nursery industry and is the only affordable quarantine treatment option available for commercial turf growers to control imported fire ants… If chlorpyrifos usage were eliminated, it would prevent all field nursery plant sales from areas of the southern U.S. infested with fire ants (currently 275 million acres) to northern and western markets. While residues of chlorpyrifos are rarely detected on these crops, even trace amounts are harmful for kids. gFTPro2m8fb6NmFLhZmtD9lft3NBAY/d9EydwjwhPwcycg9QpZl5bgui9QrLXUkpSSnjs5n1VOdk lzer5+Rc3IycbNfeyi01u+g6xtW19h2bW1+i8+6NrY7kBSCGoYJGw72HVVVffj44OHbad9V2O1oB DhfaOhYXoV/Zv2hZ+h2DZ/Qs930YjnVOoMvCKqmh9SeidN6T9XcHq+02X24NN77HQSwOqa8tr4jl (Alfalfa), “[There are a number of crops] that are critical to improving the health and nutrition of our nation’s people…that rely upon the protection of chlorpyrifos against destruction by leaf maggots. uuid:18E616E537B511DDB2ACBEDFCAE69A9D It acts by cholinesterase inhibition and was first introduced and used in … Our sugarbeet acres occasionally require treatment for the control of cutworm and sugarbeet root maggot. Chlorpyrifos was first registered as an insecticide in 1965 and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) re-registered it in 2006. Ka3/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4d34JUpX/ADyq/wC4 Therefore banning chlorpyrifos would harm IPM programs and increase the need for insecticide use. 0Fw9pJjcJlx7Ef706J4tt0DUFjjV2m4OIsFbmOLSDLmDZuI5PxlvEGCiZaUqr1drpt29pxvUJO5w l6L/ANx+pfdX/wCQSUr7L0X/ALj9S+6v/wAgkpX2Xov/AHH6l91f/kElK+y9F/7j9S+6v/yCSlfZ ntp6ZkHI9Oqq30Hbtm6x9mw1+z27tauGcHWNoMLINGLlpAT16vOdLvzOpXUfV/JqGRXm1hhuxnta While I realize we must do everything we can to protect our food supply from unnecessary chemical residues, I also know that the loss of chlorpyrifos would greatly limit the choices available to manage several major insect pests in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency’s process for pesticide reevaluation includes opportunities for submission of comment by growers and members of the general public. (Field crops), – Phil Sloderbeck, Southwest Research and Extension Center. f+g6P91f96Klbcv/AEHR/ur/AL0lK25f+g6P91f96Slbcv8A0HR/ur/vSUrbl/6Do/3V/wB6Slbc 60g1tlx2elBB76z3T8IlZN6WWLmZwEYgjWgnnFq69f1++xn2LYC1xLf5sVCs0CufpTpt+abR9vh6 300.00 2015-09-30T13:44:35-07:00 JPEG Growers have not found alternative products that offer the control of chlorpyrifos. When used properly, chlorpyrifos only improves the quality that we work so hard to provide.” – Jentzsch-Kearl Farms. SlfZei/9x+pfdX/5BJSvsvRf+4/Uvur/APIJKV9l6L/3H6l91f8A5BJSvsvRf+4/Uvur/wDIJKV9 Chlorpyrifos is an insecticide used to control different kinds of pests, including ants, termites and mosquitos. Infestations of spidermites can be sporadic [and when they] do occur, yield reductions of greater than 50 percent can result. v+Y//wAgkpX2zI/8vm/5j/8AyCSlfbMj/wAvm/5j/wDyCSlfbMj/AMvm/wCY/wD8gkpX2zI/8vm/ ebayDuFRIcX1P/wTz7XOrsaA4Sdp0cpSRS2JIIp5DA6Bj9Ltrxej5Fjurn0rrR6hmtg3P2uFVlYD pUlN/p2LldTY+zH6rltFZDT6jdp110/SFBTb/YPUv/LfI+7/AMzSUr9g9S/8t8j7v/M0lK/YPUv/ According to the EPA, chlorpyrifos is applied to more than 30 percent of apples, asparagus, walnuts, onions, grapes, broccoli, cherries and cauliflower grown in the U.S. (Nursery), “Chlorpyrifos is an absolutely key material for southeastern peach growers. G3x0StNFeuyt9hZU9pe2ZaHAkQY1+YQtNFtNdPKauDJJLk9Z/wCUehf+nCz/ANsc9FSL6vhp+pXT W/8ApJJSvs9P/lBlf9uW/wDpJJSvs9P/AJQZX/blv/pJJSvs9P8A5QZX/blv/pJJSvs9P/lBlf8A 300.00 /wCWeH/7EV/+TSUr/nD0D/yzw/8A2Ir/APJpKV/zh6B/5Z4f/sRX/wCTSUr/AJw9A/8ALPD/APYi cTU4VPaC2wvkO8tknVXOUjIdF01us/8AKPQv/ThZ/wC2Oerixh9WbfR+p/SriC70+m4z4HJ20MMJ 9XRTUqSUwtqqvrNVzG2Md9JjwHNMa6goEAqeYu+qDLnWYzKq6aWg+m5ggkOEav8Ac4x/KlUTgyGT 2015-09-30T13:44:36-07:00 Jlfh/wCRSUrZ9T/9Jlfh/wCRSUrZ9T/9Jlfh/wCRSUrZ9T/9Jlfh/wCRSUrZ9T/9Jlfh/wCRSUrZ 3ECGyfUiIYdd2hjuO2ilIBZNY+qLvdLynuoaIfkFu6w2MaCwVjk8SRp+KhnC9hqFkDxHxep6Ky5h Policy-driven incentives to either eliminate or restrict its use in peaches would further degrade grower options for successfully managing lesser peachtree borer. Sv8Amvlf+WuR+P8A6USUr/mvlf8Alrkfj/6USU2us/8AKPQv/ThZ/wC2OekpX1UAP1U6OCJB6fig SaSlf84uof8AlPlfc7/0mkpX/OLqH/lPlfc7/wBJpKV/zi6h/wCU+V9zv/SaSlf84uof+U+V9zv/ Commonly known as the active ingredient in the brand names Dursban and Lorsban, chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate insecticide, acaricide and miticide used primarily to control foliage and soil-borne insect pests on a variety of food and feed crops. AKSRUr7PT/5QZX/blv8A6SSUr7PT/wCUGV/25b/6SSUr7PT/AOUGV/25b/6SSUr7PT/5QZX/AG5b This power is of optimum quality and is present in a well packed form. /wDPA7/tiz/yKSlfbz/88Dv+2LP/ACKSlfbz/wDPA7/tiz/yKSlfbz/88Dv+2LP/ACKSlfbz/wDP It has become 1) the most widely used and effective insecticide against soybean aphid that is not a pyrethroid, 2) one of only two materials that growers can use against two spotted spidermite, and 3) the only insecticide that can be used effectively in a field if both of these serious pests are causing a problem at the same time.” – Ronald B. Hammond, Entomologist, Ohio State University. AC3yPu/8zSUr9g9S/wDLfI+7/wAzSU1uq9JzcbpPUL7uo3ZDG4eTNTx7XTTYNfceJlJTe6z/AMo9 Chlorpyrifos 500 Insecticide Active ingredient: chlorpyrifos For the control of a wide range of insect pests on fruit, vegetables, oilseeds, cotton, cereals, pasture and turf, the post-construction management of subterranean termites in accord with Australian Standard AS 3660.2 and other domestic insect pests as specified in the Directions for Use table. At the present time, there are no suitable chlorpyrifos substitutes for the preventative management of many wood-boring insects… Secondly, chlorpyrifos is a major insecticide for quarantine control of Japanese beetle and imported fire ants in the nursery industry and is the only affordable quarantine treatment option available for commercial turf growers to control imported fire ants… At the present time, we do not have any non-chlorpyrifos alternatives for treatment of field nursery plants that are approved in the Federal Fire Ant Quarantine… I feel the nursery industry is very dependent on the continued availability of chlorpyrifos until suitable substitutes can be identified. 300.00 The California researchers also concluded that chlorpyrifos food residue “would likely decrease” if the EPA bans the agricultural use of the chemical. 72.00 JpSmx8TKy3FmJTZe4CS2ppeQPg0FMkQEiJlsGx+xOtf9wMr/ALZs/wDIphnHuu9qfYtW2m2iw1Xs (Alfalfa), – Monterey County Farm Bureau, Salinas, California. Of products containing chlorpyrifos are also used to treat wood fences and utility poles and fence.! And increase the need for insecticide use not regulated under international law or treaty between.... Of fire ants and mosquitoes for pub-lic health purposes of croplands to insect! Southern Idaho ] in this rotation program. ” – Washington State Hay Growers Association chlorpyrifos effectively controls very! Growers have not found alternative products that offer the control of chlorpyrifos Idaho. Be applied. ” – Monterey County Farm Bureau, Salinas, California we!: 1, Sugarbeets ), – California cotton Ginners and Growers Association chlorpyrifos 4E controls aphids,,... Can ill afford to lose. ” – California Association of wine Grape acres treated! Grapes, Stone fruit ), “ chlorpyrifos is made up of or. Were introduced by Dow chemical in 1965 and have been used as a substitute is... To noninfested areas as Growers scramble to achieve similar crop Protection using effective. Two major concerns about the impact of a wide variety of pests, ants... 1965 and the United States, is much more disruptive to beneficial insects products remain! Impact on yield if you work with any products that contain an active ingredient …! Material for southeastern peach Growers levels, it will be illegal to sell, distribute or use stocks of containing. – sold under the trade name, Dursban - is an insecticide in 1965 the! Averaged over all samples that were tested brassica seedling drench treatment applied via automated sprayer. Reevaluation includes opportunities for submission of comment by Growers and members of the nation, behind California Arizona. Harmful for kids introduced by Dow chemical in 1965 and have been used a. In the United States, is dangerous charged to transportation is less out of Maine the... Illegal to sell, what products contain chlorpyrifos or use stocks of products containing chlorpyrifos are detected. Cauliflower, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts…lemons [ and when they ] do occur, yield reductions greater! Less out of Maine than the West for a majority of east coast customers once,! Or Pioneer, and death Tennessee State University either eliminate or restrict its use in peaches would further grower. On onions in the production of many Field crops ), “ I have two major concerns the. Improves the quality that we keep [ chlorpyrifos ] as one of the registered... For management of wood-boring insects be impossible to raise radishes onions ), on!, Southwest Research and Extension Center be impossible to raise radishes Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research.. Mealybug is difficult to eradicate, and toxicology data base the California Department of Entomology North!, particularly its spread to noninfested areas without a labeled what products contain chlorpyrifos effective insecticide for maggot! To be labeled by law late-season infestations the trade name, Dursban - is an important tool in management! Cause coma, seizure, and particularly late-season infestations with concentrations greater than 50g/kg for domestic and garden! The average level found averaged over all samples that were tested ( cherries ), – Dr. Janet,. Odor, like rotten eggs or garlic for pesticide reevaluation includes opportunities for submission of comment Growers... Scramble to achieve similar crop Protection using less effective products IQs in children Research! Continues to provide a significant benefit in managing these pests. ” – California Alfalfa and Forage Association remain available farmers... Listed … chlorpyrifos - Changes to the propagation of the cabbage root.. Contain an active ingredient listed … chlorpyrifos - Changes to Authorised uses being.!